HR Directors Summit Shanghai
14 – 15 May 2019 Shanghai, China More info

Information for speakers

Call for papers


Presentations should focus on topics and issues associated with:

Talent management:

  1. Keynote: Talent management in the digitisation age
  2. How to develop agile leadership teams
  3. How to assess and develop talent potential, performance and readiness?
  4. How to align talent management with business strategy?
  5. Succession planning in VUCA / How to manage multi-generation talents?
  6. How to deploy the best-fit talent for the most suitable positions / Talent acquisition in the digital age
  7. How to deliver short-term benefits in talent management

Learning & development:

  1. Keynote: Learning & development strategies for the smart enterprise
  2. How to develop innovative cultures through learning & development
  3. Digital and mobile applications in learning & development / Gamification in learning & development
  4. How to leverage learning & development as part of employer branding?
  5. Identifying critical learning needs of learners / Integrating assessment tools in learning & development
  6. How to optimise training, mentoring and coaching for your company
  7. How to measure learning effectiveness in a VUCA environment

Requirement for presentation:

  1. Session title must be identical to the title of the abstract
  2. Overt selling of products or consulting services in not acceptable
  3. The presentation must be reflective of the abstract as submitted and accepted
  4. At least one of the authors must attend the conference and present the presentation
  5. Presentation PPT / PDF should be sent to us before 30 April 2019.

* Please kindly notice that abstracts must be submitted by 25 April 2019. Selection of presentations will be based on the description provided in the abstract. We will keep you informed of acceptance in one week one we receive your email.