HR Directors Summit Shanghai
13 – 14 May 2020 Shanghai, China More info

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In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing business world, organisations are facing unprecedented challenges. Doing the same things in the same ways and expecting different results would be pure insanity. Traditional talent models of learning can no longer catch up with the speed of digital transformation and technology advances, and perhaps there could be affordable solutions out there.

We would like our audience, who are likely to from Learning & Development, Talent Development, Organisation Development, HR and other business leaders who have a stake in developing better skills and shaping more productive behaviours for their colleagues and team mates. We would like them to have a taste of the different styles, methodologies, case studies and concepts of the different facilitators so that they can make better decisions for what to do and whom to work with next.

  • Keynote: developing the learning organisation of the future
  • What makes a successful TTT: enabling your managers to be great facilitators
  • Embracing change using experiential learning
  • How to develop a coaching culture
  • Debate: “it’s better to have crappy training than not to have training at all” agree or disagree? 
  • Learning strategies for millennials
  • Telecommuting and learning – how to enhance positive measures to public emergencies
  • Optimising the digital workforce: how to take the robot out of you, and breathe life back to work
  • Designing a learning management system (LMS) that delivers learning results
  • Learning development when budgets are slashed
  • What to outsource, and what must be built in-house?
  • On-the-job learning: how to make it work?
  • Best practices in leadership development
  • Thinking in and out of the box
  • Gamification in learning
  • How the way you think will affect your future?
  • Enabling your sales force to learn new tricks
  • Panel discussion: how to implement practical learning that achieves business results
  • Presidents, Managing Directors, General Managers of companies within international and domestic companies in China.
  • Chief Officers, Vice Presidents, General Managers and Directors of HR within leading international and domestic companies in China.
  • C-Level/Partner/VP: 18% / Directors: 52% / Head-Manager: 30%