HR Directors Summit Shanghai
15 – 16 September 2020 Shanghai, China More info

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A series of "Black swan" incidents have fluttered in 2020: the global COVID-19 outbreak, American stock market triggered circuit breakers four times in ten days, US oil price turns negative for first time in history and more. The global turmoil and economic downturn is taking place.

Ensuring efficient operations become the first thing of each organisation ahead of the "quick-frozen" economic recovery. Meanwhile, HR management’s value is constantly presented and amplified in emergency measures, situation prediction, policy interpretation, talent strategy and other aspects.

The outside unstable environment accelerates the organisational upgrading and transformation. New technologies can help companies on diverse business models, organisational restructuring, agile management and flexible office.

The 5th HR Directors Summit will provide an effective communication platform for HR managements and decision makers within international and domestic companies, with years of strong social networks. We will help you find solutions and the future of the organisation clearly through mutual learning.

  • Balance management of enterprise business and human resources supply and demand 
  • How to enhance positive measures to public emergencies?
  • Risk management of talent structure adjustment and case study
  • The change of working mode in the post-epidemic era
  • Learning and development of employees with budget cuts
  • Build an agile organisation and an effective talent team
  • Smart recruitment: make recruitment more scientific and agile
  • Production relations reconstruction and organisation engergisation in the age of 5G
  • Talent management strategy under the digital transformation
  • How does the learning organisation of the future look like?
  • How to deploy the intelligent position for enterprise?
  • Presidents, Managing Directors, General Managers of companies within international and domestic companies in China.
  • Chief Officers, Vice Presidents, General Managers and Directors of HR within leading international and domestic companies in China.
  • C-Level/Partner/VP: 20% / Directors: 50% / Head-Manager: 30%